WRV or Wave Riding Vehicles is one of the oldest and largest surfboard companies in the world. WRV has never lost it, they still maintain their quality and stay on the cutting edge of current design trends.
WRV has the best shapers on the east coast and brings in the finest shapers from around the world to help keep up with demand during the season.
Now WRV has jumped ahead of the composite world with the new "Flexlites series" These boards are super light yet flex like a powerful hunting bow. The Flexlites have changed the sport of surfing and taken it to new heights.


Surftech is high tech. No other manufacturer in the world is producing surfboards this way. The boards are precise computer shaped reproductions of proven designs by the likes of Dale Velzy, Yater, Corky Caroll, Wingnut, Munoz, and Robert August. The boards are laminated with various space age materials to produce a very light, very strong and very beautiful surfboard that rides like the wind.
Surftech has now taken over as the worlds leader in stand-up paddleboards with shapes by Laird, Hamilton, Robert August, and others. The skimboards and waveskis they have added to the line are space age.


Reynolds "Renny" Yater was one of the first commercial surfboard builders in the 1950's. His reputation is such that no further sales pitch is necessary. Just look at the boards. They speak for themselves.


Global Surf Industries is the largest surfboard manufacturer in the world. They became famous for the durable, light, and cheap surfboards called N.S.P's. Many more people have taken up surfing tha last 5 years because of N.S.P's which we have sold by the thousands. There is much more to this company however. Weber, Southpoint, McTavish, Walden are all being made by Global and we have them all in stock.


Santa Cruz is making high- tech composites in the most cutting edge shapes. The G - Deck has become the skateboard of the water. With top pro riders like Christian Fletcher, "Barney" and Matt Archbold riding them you can't go wrong. The Pumpkin Seed series are probably the best small board shapes ever done for the east coast waves and our best sellers.


began building surfboards in his garage in 1970 while he was surfing for the Hobie team. His professional surfboard building career started with Pete and Debbie Dooley at the Natural Art factory where he worked as a glasser. In the following years, he glassed more than 30,000 boards for Mike Tabeling, Quiet Flight, and Rainbow.
Davo started Davo Surf Design in 1990, and continues to make great boards today. Davo produces only 100% all-epoxy styrofoam boards, which are strong, light, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. He also specializes in retro fish designs.



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