We love kayaks, they supply more fun per dollar than anything you have ever spent money on before. Kayaking will change your life for the better. You will lose weight, get stronger, sleep better and be able to deal with life's ups and downs with a clearer, brighter attitude. Just a couple sessions a week is all it takes.


Old Towne
has been making canoes and kayaks for over 100 years. Their sit on top kayaks are unique in the industry because they aren't self bailing. This initially may seem like a negative but, it's actually a positive because the design results in the most stable and unquestionably the MOST comfortable kayak money can buy. This design places your center of gravity below the water line, resulting in greater back support and superior stability. The Typhoon, Cricket, and Spirit continue to be the hottest sellers.


kayaks build a light tough stable kayak that is truly self bailing. You do not sit in a puddle of water. Most of the kayaks from Cobra are great for cruising and fishing. The fish and dive is one of the widest kayaks made and is great for really big guys over 240lbs or guys who just want one of the most stable kayaks money can buy. The Explorer, Navigator, Tandem, and Escape are all popular. The Strike is the best plastic waveriding Kayak made in the world.


surf boards has been around for 40 years. Hobie Alter has been and innovator in water sports since the beginning. The Hobie kayak line is our best selling line with fisherman. The foot propelled models get all the news and praise but their paddle only yaks should get the same attention as they are top quality. The Outback, Revolution, Sport, Adventure, and Outfitter Tandem have all made a huge impact on the kayak world and are the best sellers. These foot propelled models are so innovated we have devoted an entire (section) of our website about them.


is a small company out of North Carolina that produces kayaks in a unique way like no other kayak out there. It used to be you bought a cheap rot molded kayak made from polyethylene or if you wanted light weight and high performance you bought a very expensive fiberglass or composite kayak. Well now there is a third choice. You can get kayak as light and high performance as a composite but at the price of polyethylene and with the durability of polyethylene. I truly believe this is the future in kayaks.

The Island Wave Ski
is a cross between a surfboard and a kayak. These babies are the ultimate wave riding kayak. Pure performance and unforgiving to beginner's mistakes. We DO NOT recommend these custom machines for those who lack experience. Interested? Contact us for more info.



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